Singer dating sewing machine

A few model 66 machines also used an unusual low bobbin winder not found on other models.

The stitch produced by the 66K was described as ‘near perfect’ and with the large harp clearance space it was a great favourite with tailors and seamstresses.

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Charges start at around 40 depending on the machine and the research needed.

The 66K first introduced the horizontally mounted rotary hook arrangement with drop in bobbins.

A system which still survives in so many sewing machines from all makers today.

Because the 66K’s were full size machines weighing around 30lbs, they were usually sold in treadle tables or cabinets, although some hand cranked models, and later on some electric models, were also sold.

There has been thousands of sewing machine companies making endless varieties of models.

The result is that there are countless old sewing machines out there.

This setup made loading the bobbin into the machine considerably easier than the earlier Singer 127 and 128K’s Vibrating Shuttle machines, or the 15K which had a fiddly bobbin holder which had to be clipped into position under the bed.

Early model 66 machines used back clamping presser feet and attachments, rather than the more common side clamping used on other models and also on later 66 machines.