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Is she gathering intel about the inner lives of powerful men to help her navigate the increasingly high-stakes game of office politics at her firm? (Christine actually asks the latter question after a phone call from a client’s wife that ends with her unironically noting, “I don’t accept checks.”) ‘ nastily charming Paul Sparks) suggests a more dangerous, visceral arc to come, but it, too, takes its time unfolding through terse snippets of conversation and the subtlest of glances through glass office windows.

Ultimately, in the four episodes screened by TVLine, proves more interesting than engrossing, perhaps because there doesn’t seem to be a single character willing to raise his or her voice above library-corridor volume, connect in any way that’s not ultimately about money or power, or overtly express the possible negative side effects of selling your body for cash.

“I was curious about the emotional side of it, [because] for me sex is such an emotional thing. So it transcends the transactional relationship into something that goes on for a really long time.”Throughout her research, Seimetz found that these real-life escorts had their own hopes for the premium-cable series.“I think what they really wanted to see was an actor’s portrayal that wasn’t villainizing them or making [the job] look super-easy, because it is work,” explained Seimetz.

Close friends with Evan Ross, Austin Brown, and Ryan Cabrera.

They all are either involved in the music industry or have famous relatives in the entertainment industry (Cabrera is a famous singer, Ross is the son of Diana Ross, Brown is a part of the famous Jackson music family which includes his uncle Michael Jackson and mother Rebbie Jackson, and Keough's mother is Lisa Marie Presley and her ...

The muted color palettes and quietly ominous soundtrack, which sneaks up and blares like a kettle reaching its boiling point, help to create a world in which intercourse is as easy and transactional — and in no way messier — than, say, buying a pair of shoes on Zappos.

Christine (Riley Keough), the protagonist of this tale, is as cold and detached as the stainless steel countertops and cream-colored hotel duvets that surround her.