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The finding may explain why males of many species – from insects to mammals – engage in seemingly meaningless sperm-free sex.

“Copulations that appear to be successful, but with no semen transferred, are almost ubiquitous,” says Tommaso Pizzari at the University of Oxford, UK, co-author of the study.

She added, “it was in the process that he suddenly died and his penis was stuck inside me and I had to raise the alarm which attracted the people to come to my rescue before they pulled him off me.

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“I’m not saying the traditional family is a bad form, absolutely not, I’m just saying if they want to keep existing …

we might have to reconsider what a qualified family is,” he said.

Unfamiliar females always received a fulsome dose, while hens with which the cock had already mated several times ended up receiving little more than ruffled feathers.

By merely mounting females – without bothering to waste precious sperm – cocks ensure their partners will not go looking for male competitors to fertilise them, a new study suggests.

“It suggests that this behaviour may be rather more than an accident or a by-product of males running out of sperm.” While sperm was always thought of as a cheaper investment than eggs, in the past few years, researchers have begun to realise that sperm also carries a hefty biological price tag.

In 2003, Pizzari and his colleagues showed that male chickens allocated their precious seed according to the likelihood of fathering children.

But unlike other donors, Houben prefers to be a part of the process … “I have met many children from right after birth and I’ve been present at two births, it was fantastic,” Houben said.

“As [the] children grow up they’ll develop their own relationship with me, or not, but they’ll know where they come from.