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Stereotyped as the land of tastemakers, juice and boob jobs, LA is often overlooked by more cerebral prospects in favor of seemingly more cerebral cities like New York or Chicago.But LA can get intellectual and, dare we say, “nerdy” too.You will probably meet a few who aren’t your match before that, so you will go on plenty of first dates. People in Los Angeles are notoriously flakey (and notoriously awesome, of course!First dates when it comes to online dating really translate to a first meeting. ) so before you set up a date with them, you might want to get a feel for what they are like. You might just want to call someone instead and you can, of course, do that. People who work in a uniform are usually dedicated to their profession - police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors, pilots. They have crazy schedules and little time for flakes. So we decided to launch a Los Angeles dating site for busy professionals who don’t have time for flaky.Here is a list of the quirky “human beings” you will date in Los Angeles.The Producer Who Doesn’t Put Down His Phone To Meet You Even in the best relationships, this person will say “I love you” but will always follow with “But I have to take this.” Yeah, we get it, you’re important and we can’t go two minutes without hearing your Bruno Mars ringtone or sword-slash sound effect text notification.

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After the three month grace period, you’ll resent the fuck out of her for “tricking” you into falling in love with a mentally ill person. You just passed by every red flag with a giant shit-eating grin because she’s just so clever and cute. This town is going to chew all the flavor out of you, step on you, scrape you off it’s foot, and leave you on a bus station bench. Your First Spouse They helped you out during your worst moments and this is what they get? Mostly because they remind you of what kind of monster you could become. Actually, this whole scenario sounds like a plot to a non-union horror movie. Do not date her unless you want to hear it read aloud. So make it short, sweet and a preview of coming attractions. You want to go somewhere you feel at home and where there’s no pressure (i.e. It will take some time getting used to the real life person. However, if you don’t feel like handing out your phone number just yet, you may prefer to start with an online chat.The second date is where the romance starts for real! Our chat rooms are very secure to use (unlike some free chat rooms around the net).Dating in Los Angeles is a super fun way to find out your value as a human being.It’s also a great way to judge the value of others!